Top 6 Free Crochet Hat Patterns!

Top 6 Free Crochet Hat Patterns!

Living in the Northeast we sure get a lot of cold weather! Wearing a hat is a must during that season, and having something unique and handmade is perfect! Each of these hats are adult size and a couple can be made in sizes smaller to fit.

Check out my Top 6 FREE hat patterns right now!

1. Sewrella has some amazing free patterns and I’m really loving her Faux Knit Fair Isle Toque and Cowl! Isn’t it gorgeous!?

Get the pattern here —-> Faux Knit Fair Isle Crochet Toque and Cowl

2. Next up is Whistle & Ivy! I’ve created a few of her patterns. A cover for my tablet, cute shoes for my baby niece and also a pair of mittens with this same stitch as the hat!

I’m really in love with the little hearts this stitch creates! Get the pattern here —> Snowfall Slouchy Hat

3. Loving this awesome zigzag hat I found on Raverly. The designer, Si Nanay Madel created something really cute using the ‘ V’ Stitch! 

Get the pattern here —> Easy V-Stitch Hat

4. This super cute hat comes in a few sizes so matching Mommy & Me hats would be great! Really loving the pom-poms, especially the one on top! See the star!?! LOVE!! Creater Maria Bittner did amazing with this one!

Click here for the pattern —> Little Miss Pompom Hat

5. This hat is another Raverly find. I love how quick this hat can be made. And the extra length folded up for the brim is perfect. Wear as a beanie or slouch! Check out KMT CREATIONS for more free hat patterns.

Get the pattern for this hat here —> Simple and Sleek Slouch Hat

6. Lastly, is a hat I’m excited to make next. Using the same stitch as hat pattern #2 ….The look creates a look of falling hearts! And for those messy bun hat lovers, be sure to check out Made by Wilma’s other version of this hat! 

Get the pattern for this hat here —> Lovely Heart Hat

Well, that’s the line up for this post! Hope you enjoy these FREE patterns as much as I do! It’s great to have designers like this out there! Support fiber arts! 💗

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Valentine’s Day Decorating!

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it and I always love to decorate my home in pretty things. Especially if they’re homemade! Being a very crafty person, I enjoy keeping my hands moving. Should I have my fingers twisted in yarn or my hands on a glue gun…I like to stay busy!

I found this awesome free pattern for a table runner that’s in the traditional Valentine’s colors, red white and pink. 4 large hearts ran down the center and the runner was complete with a pretty edging. 

I completed mine in three days time with having to frog 20 rows after spying a mistake! I couldn’t let it go..But wasn’t too bad to fix. I really enjoy these C2C patterns but some times can be tricky! 

Thanks for another amazing design Repeat Crafter Me! You never cease to amaze me!

Oh, and the small stuffed hearts shown in the photo are also a pattern from Repeat Crafter Me!! I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice to make up these three mini ones! I’m thinking of glueing them to a hair clip for all the little girlies I have around here! Wouldn’t that be pretty!! 

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