It’s a Must Have Item for your baby!

Every baby shower I’ve ever been invited to, my gift is typically the same. Items I know that were my favorites when I had my children, or if the Mom is asking specifically for a handmade item from me, or is in need of diapers I’ll do that for her. But the ONE item I do always provide and it’s rare I see it gifted by others is this…


The Fresh Food Feeder from Munchkin

The Fresh Food Feeder from Munchkin is one of my all time favorite things for my children when they were just starting solid foods. They loved being able to eat the same foods as Mommy and Daddy, but not at the risk of choking. It’s all about the independence.

So easy to use, just simply add in some chopped up vegetables, fruit or even meat and snap shut. The handle is thick and easy to grip. Perfect for those little hands.


Easy to use. Easy to Clean! Just use soapy hot water. There is no way you’ll only own one. Toss one in the car for on the go trips, or the diaper bag for those trips to the Grandparents house. They also come in three different colors!

Have a fussy baby? Or are they teething? Try tossing in some frozen bananas or even use formula or breast-milk to make milk pops. A real treat for sure!

Some Ideas for the Fresh Food Feeder: bananas, frozen grapes, ice chips (or make milk pops!), avocado, frozen melon, frozen yogurt, carrots, squash, turkey, chicken and more.

You can find these at most stores like Target or Walmart, online at their website Munchkin, or even on Amazon!

For sure this is a MUST HAVE baby item.

The Must Have Baby Item



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